Yo *****, it was some ***** in a seminar Talkin' 'bout _歌词全文

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Yo *****, it was some ***** in a seminar Talkin' 'bout _歌词全文


歌曲专辑:Naughty By Nature

演唱歌手:Naughty by Nature

Strike a Nerve歌词

[00:00.000] 作词 : Brown, Criss, Gist ...
[00:56.64]Yo *****, it was some ***** in a seminar
[00:58.77]Talkin' 'bout you, had to get up early to wax this(Strike a nerve)
[01:01.09]Them other ************s said, you couldn't even wax that dirty *****
[01:03.61]So wassup y'all?(Strike a nerve)
[01:05.85]I get my daily dose of cha-cha-cha and "Shut the **** up, ho"
[01:08.29]****, shaved and bathed a day, then
[01:10.47]I must goUgh, this is Everyday All Day, let's all say
[01:12.39]Pluckin' enough and roughin' 'em up and ****in' 'em up always
[01:14.17]Bet, let's talk about a back flash, ya jackass
[01:17.67]That fast you flash witta match, your fast rap
[01:19.92]And even though you didn't know me before the flow solo
[01:22.48]It's no slow way to go, bolos
[01:24.93]I throw or sold Let's pick a ***** to pick with peekaboo
[01:27.03]I see you through your crew, now whatchu wanna do?
[01:29.71]After that, caps off to the black frost
[01:31.87]My pants always sag 'cause
[01:36.34]I rap my ass off You wanna talk about a badboy '
[01:39.70]Sanchoi'I'm bad as they come, chum, and nasty like
[01:42.96]To Vin Rock and KayGee, I'm the baby
[01:45.92]Droppin' the ladies, cravin' ya maybe,
[01:47.52]I have the right to be lazy
[01:48.30]Got more stretch to my swing and the stretch of a chicken wing
[01:50.61]The flavor is bacon and it's cravin', is ice cream
[01:52.91]I'm too trucked to be ****ed and too live, otherwise
[01:55.25]Ya drive by's smuffler, word to the mother, my brother eyed
[01:57.70]Runnin' and comin', drama starin' wit a stellar
[02:00.03]I need so many lumps,I'll use your head as a braille book
[02:02.65]Many friends ships ink, quick, fast
[02:04.55]It'll take a dollar worth of gas to outlast your little tired ass
[02:07.32]You tried to swing this way, you little swifty
[02:09.56]Ha, ha, ha, slum *****es still miss me
[02:12.17]I do the dumpin', humpin', clappin' like thunder
[02:14.41]And that's comin' from a land down under
[02:16.82]Yo, I'm sick of dis ****, man
[02:19.01]****** tryin' to cut, they rocks none(Strike a nerve)
[02:21.44]Yo, they tryin' to make us drop
[02:23.42]Vin Rock sayin' he don't rock enough Yo, kick that ****
[02:25.72]Prepare for the worst 'cause
[02:28.20]I ain't livin' lose
[02:30.46]I wouldn't just give a **** 'cause givin' is free and my ****'s cost your loss in
[02:32.94]The Source 'cause I know no way
[02:34.12]I been there before, maybe 5-6 times a day
[02:35.74]Sometimes I put my hands on my head when
[02:37.72]I'm done, from
[02:39.04]And wondered to myself where did dat def **** come from?
[02:40.39]And then I think about the
[02:41.96]Naughty and the Nature in it And then the
[02:43.76]Flavor, then the figures, while
[02:45.33]I'm flowin' wit it
[02:47.61]So I won't give up, stop, stall, quit, ya kitten
[02:49.04]You can't touch this, **** what them throats written
[02:50.15]I got tracks, better known as snaps, far forbidden
[02:52.14]And the warm do,
[02:53.20]I know, I know how to make ya feel it
[02:54.71]I'll take a head,
[02:55.95]I'll make ya spread and now lay back
[02:56.92]I tell you once,I tell you twice,Vinnie don't play that
[02:59.16]So don't start, there will be none is the lesson, folks
[03:01.58]I hate cigarettes but my Smith-N-Wessun smokes
[03:03.90]From anywhere, from any corner, anytime that's right
[03:06.24]Who you bashin'?I go blast in broad daylight
[03:08.58]You stand hard, you look hard, yeah, your figure's soft
[03:10.92]I got nuff props from buckshots that ****** caught
[03:13.40]Ya say you can't go to the takin' me out close
[03:15.56]Huh, in that case, you shoulda named your album '
[03:18.08]Almost'I wouldn't rely on the try if
[03:20.15]I was you, yo'Cause I'm turnin' tries into '
[03:22.74]Oh, oh's' and 'Hell no's'
[03:24.26]I wouldn't be caught dead witchu up in tryin' it
[03:25.21]And if I was goin',
[03:26.23]I get my stiff ass up and rip ****
[03:27.63]I can't go out like a wooden sock with padlocks
[03:29.56]I'll leave tacks tiny and slimy like snot spots
[03:31.96]I write a day, to me it's a common caper
[03:34.52]Say so much ****, huh,
[03:36.00]I write my rhymes on toilet paper Yeah, Vin
[03:39.17]Rock, backbone of Naughty By Nature, y'know
[03:40.45]I'msayin'?(Strike a nerve)
[03:42.11]That's right, so everybody sleepin' on the up, stay off of my ****(Strike a nerve)
[03:44.05]We're gonna stomp this time around, word up(Strike a nerve)
[03:46.40]Look who's mother's in the studio, thirty sons and daughters
[03:52.09]Mrs. Happy Thing is in the back, catchin' quarters
[03:54.31]Come and try to run wit it, never in a lifetime
[03:56.78]Thirty could act at Caesar's, still
[03:58.17]I bet I get mine
[04:04.97]I heard your girl's havin' a baby, now will what she have?
[04:06.45]A bag of ****, a bottle or crack or a sess bag
[04:08.38]There ain't a part of me with '
[04:10.98]Sorry' written on it, slick
[04:12.56]You couldn't rock a crooked cradle, you ****in' prick
[04:14.74]The way I rock could ****, you just often like it
[04:16.90]My style's so fat,
[04:18.66]I had to throw it on a water diet
[04:19.55]********, ya not,
[04:21.52]I ain't the type to be ****in' with
[04:23.94]Wreckin' with and if
[04:26.19]I mic attest it, I'll be neckin' it
[04:27.42]Onslaught at an encore, you stinkin' rat
[04:28.12]You're so dumb, you tried to buy a ****in' thinkin' cap
[04:29.23]Now that tells us in a sec, right where your head is at
[04:31.08]In between some *****'s legs, lookin' ass and lap
[04:33.61]My name is Treach, remember this and don't you ever 'fess
[04:35.82]That's a shame,
[04:36.90]I get two minutes just to say, "Next"
[04:38.46]****, who follows you, you and them could help each other
[04:40.48]I treat you both like any other **********in' runner
[04:42.80]This is the Flavor, tasty although sugar-free
[04:45.17]So have a Coke, have a smile and have a booger,
[04:47.42]GWhy? 'Cause you don't mean **** to me
[04:49.68]I'ma take you where good ****'s meant to be
[04:52.42]I rock a rhyme that'll be a straight up def track
[04:54.54]Droppin' more **** than white castles and neck slacks
[04:56.94]A studio to me is just a chance to rock,
[04:59.11]GI rock and rock, goddamn, call me
[05:01.54]VinRockyIt's just what the ****
[05:04.11]I'm talkin' 'bout
[05:05.86]I say one thing and your whole crew's walkin' out
[05:06.74]So do the lyric here, this is one lyric less
[05:08.77]If I were you,
[05:09.76]I'd take and throw 'em on his ****in' neck
[05:11.34]Something that flow should come straight from the horse's mouth
[05:13.66]Mr. Ed's dead, so his ass is the best way out
[05:15.90]****, man for hire, this hitman is the law
[05:18.28]I run more tracks than a
[05:20.69]San Francisco trolley car
[05:22.93]Prepare for the winter, oh, yeah
[05:24.55]I could write your ****in' album and you'll soon be the last one there
[05:25.63]I start to heat up and rip **** in one, see
[05:27.62]You couldn't get it hard, if the eyes were on
[05:29.55]Broad Street
[05:30.33]So don't you ever never tell me,
[05:32.06]I'm not good enough
[05:32.59]I got more stuff than a teddy bear, from ass to gut
[05:34.74]This is a solid, you could never outlast
[05:36.95]If ******** was worth a dime, you'd have a job in a cow's ass
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